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Monzsat Services SDN BHD – We Deal In Trades & Investment Worldwide

You want to trade or invest in emerging products or expand abroad? We inform you about opportunities and risks. Our team continuously researches the latest developments in potential markets, their legal frameworks and publishes interesting invitations to tender on a daily basis.

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Monzsat Services Sdn Bhd consist of dynamic team ready to adhere any demand occurred by our prestigious clients by connecting the end client directly with the factories.

Usman Nisar Chaudhry

Chief Executive Officer

Graham Baldwin

Managing Partner

We Are Providing You Some Special Services With Excellence


Our Mission is to tackle the global shortage of protective medical equipment by connecting the end client directly with the factories.

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Sugar Trading

Our deep knowledge of the sugar industry gives you a service built on experience, while our commitment to change delivers innovation with every new project.

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Rice Trading

More rice exports from a larger number of countries will help buffer future trade against some of the causes of instability that have been described.

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Perishable Items Trading

Perishables are time- and temperature-sensitive products that require careful handling and shipment processes to preserve their freshness.

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Sand Trading

Although Singapore’s sand imports continue to rise, dwarfing those of any other country, demand for foreign sand is also increasing elsewhere.

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Investment Services

Our experts help you to select from a wide variety of strategies, specially designed to fulfill your investment expectations.

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Why Choose Us

Our approach allows the client to obtain steady returns in all market conditions, while respecting the values of professionalism, transparency and safety, and through the use of innovative low risk investment techniques.
From the very beginning, Monzsat team always used innovative investment strategies based on the macroeconomic analysis of the global financial markets, the economic analysis of the country of reference and the investment sector, and the fundamental analysis of the companies in which to invest.
We are attentive to the objectives and risk tolerance of their clients and offers tailor made asset management with regard to the different contexts..
Investments has always undertaken thorough technical analyses of market cycles to ensure successful transactions. Depending on the different economic conditions and financial markets, Our Investments has been using differentiated and appropriate investment strategies.